Native Mello Team

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Ian Dooley

Founder / Photographer

Ian is a fashion photographer who currently resides in Tulsa, OK. He grew up in Oklahoma City, where he discovered his interest in photography at a very early age. He later moved to Tulsa to pursue photography full-time 2016.

Influenced by His local creative community, music artists, designers, and pioneers in the photography industry. Ian lives to create stories with a well planned, very forward approach. He is inspired by trauma, love, and timeless styles.

Being equally comfortable in front of the lens has led to cameos in many of his clients shoots. Ian has also been fortunate enough to receive a number of interview spotlights, magazine publications, and was named photographer of the year twice by Unsplash.

Ian is Available for commercial travel.

Photography clients include:    MadeWild. - JOOC Media - Zealcon - Vanity Fair


Caleb Tyrrell

Creative Director

Caleb is the Creative Director of Native Mello Artistry. He currently resides in Stillwater, Oklahoma where he studies video production at Oklahoma State University. He grew up in Tulsa, Oklahoma where he developed a love for hip-hop and fashion at an early age.

Heavily influenced by a blend of artists such as Kanye West and Tulsa-area creatives, Caleb constantly strives to produce content that blends his fashion influences with a Tulsa flavor.

Because of his extensive knowledge and passion for hip-hop and fashion culture, Caleb is always up to date with the most current looks and trends, helping brands produce pieces that fellow fashion enthusiasts are likely to wear.

Caleb has been been the face of brands and brand releases such as GRP FLY, MadeWild, and MC Merch.

He has been featured on accounts such as: 

@soul.merch  @theabnormalcollective @blvckxculture @nikeairmax97talk  @jordan1sonly @jordan1club @boostaddicted