Jams, Rockies, and Tiny Apartments

May 26, 2017

Last month a very dear pal of mine Morgan moved to Denver, CO to go to school for graphic design. Another Pal of mine, Taylor, and I decided to make a trip out to see her. We spent almost a week cramped into Morgan's tiny 300 square foot apartment. We had an absolute blast visiting the Denver Art Museum, Hot springs, and the Great Sand Dune National Park. Here are a few of my favorite images from our trip. Morgs and tay, I love you pals.


We spent some very cramped mornings and nights in Morgans apartment, which is basically a shoebox. Editing photos, Jammin out to music, making breakfast and coffee. The girls found colorful solutions to getting their makeup done in the same mirror and I would step out to smoke.  It was a cute place. 


On this trip I made it a mission for myself to focus much of my attention on photographing lines and motion blur. In such a new place, I wanted a new way to photograph. The architecture in Denver made for seeking lines a fresh challenge. As for the motion blur, I often focus more on getting all of my images being tac sharp, I forget the power that can be expressed with a blurry subject. To me, it takes away from the actual subject of place and pulls you more to the idea behind it, the feeling. 


Our journey to the hot springs was long but absolutely beautiful. Winding roads and tunnels through the mountains. Passing little mountainside towns, strange thinking that less than 12 hours away is one of the flattest places on earth. We hiked for a mile to get to our tiny little hot spring. We spent the day soaking up sun and enjoying ourselves.


 What a place, to our backs, the snow covered Spanish Mountains, and in front of us, the sun setting on enormous and ever changing sand dunes. The wind blowing away traces of footprints and stinging our legs. I don’t think the reality of nature procuring a place like this set in until after I was back in Oklahoma. Being in such place was almost confusing, I felt so far from home deep in the natural phenomenon in front of me, Like the sand dunes were misplaced or I was. It was an incredible place.