About : casino

My first casino experience was back in 1978 while passing through Las Vegas.

It was unlike anything I had ever seen before. I can recall those sights and sounds even now almost forty years later. That was an engineered environment, no doubt about it. Though I was too inexperienced to recognize it at the time. But I’m sure the creators would be pleased to know the overall experience stayed with me all these years. While my first impression was that of fun and excitement the years have given me a new perspective. I still see the casino as a place for fun but I also realize it has a purpose. That is to create a vacuum between the visitor’s wallet and the games, tables and machines. I don’t mean to sound cynical but the truth is…

The odds are against you the moment you walk into the casino.

Besides being young and naive I was also much too distracted going back and forth across the casino floor. Going from blinking lights, to gaming tables and machines. All the while shedding money along the way.

As the years passed and the casino visits added up I discovered even more games. And even more ways to bet on those games. But there were always questions. Questions like, “why were game players drawn towards one table or slot machine over another?”

The answers weren’t all that difficult to find. It turns out casinos are in the fantasy business. Their product? A larger than life experience with the occasional cash payoff. How do they accomplish this?

They use attractive staff, luxurious trappings, delicious food and free flowing alcohol. And they remove references to time, place and generally anything that may remind you of your life outside of the casino.

While some may describe that as manipulation (and I guess on some level it is) I applaud their efforts. Casinos are simply doing what any marketer strives to accomplish. They are paving the way for you to purchase and spend. And they do this by removing as many roadblocks as possible.

The big difference is the actual experience along the way. It’s unlike anything you would experience in your daily purchases. But that experience is also part of their product.

And that’s just for those wagering. For those that win the experience is immeasurable. So maybe you have questions about how it all works. That’s what this site is all about. That includes land-based and online casinos. That leads us into gaming technology. I’ll bring you news and articles on gaming software and gaming apps. Including what is next on the horizon. For example, virtual reality gaming (VR). Look for articles on matched betting, betting systems as well as popular niches. We’ll visit sports betting, betting on horses and gambling games such as craps and baccarat.

Your money and online security has never been more important than now.

I’ll bring you current information on what you need to watch out for and what’s being done to protect you.

I won’t forget about the recreational component or entertainment value. After all this is gaming. And games are meant to be fun. But there is no reason you shouldn’t go in prepared. Casinos and gaming are here to stay. Make sure to bookmark information you find useful and come back often. I’ve got a lot more in store for you.